San Diego Industries We Serve

AB Tawil serves small and midsize business owners and companies across all industries. Regardless of your area of business, ensuring tax compliance and accurate filing is important to your daily operations and future.


In recent years, e-commerce has exploded in popularity. If your small or midsize business deals in e-commerce, then you need a reputable tax and CPA firm by your side. AB Tawil is proud to provide the services you need to help your e-commerce business succeed, year after year!

Tech Companies

Tech companies are at the forefront of our society’s advancement. Whether you’re taking the first steps to being your dream startup to fruition or your tech business has grown to become midsize, AB Tawil can help. Give our bilingual tax experts a call today to learn more about how we can help.

The Medical Field

Physicians and healthcare providers should not be investing enormous amounts of time and money on records and finances. That’s why we’re here. Our accounting and tax services help healthcare providers in reducing operational costs, increasing profits, and saving time.


Regulations in the construction industry can make accounting and tax-related issues quite complex. AB Tawil ensures the growth and success of our clients through accurate accounting and consulting. The construction industry faces endless changing regulations and restrictions that require a knowledgeable accounting expert familiar with the intricacy of construction projects. 


Our team wants to help local restaurant owners and operators with the complex accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services required for the industry. We serve you by helping you maximize tax opportunities, maintain compliance, accuracy, and more. We serve large chains to small quick-service establishments and mid-sized businesses. Our professional team will help cash flow and drive profitability and growth.

Young woman holding business plan.

Real Estate

Whether you own several properties or are a new real estate investor, our professional team of tax experts is ready to assist you with tax compliance, tax planning, accounting, and consulting. Reduce the stress of maneuvering the ever-changing real estate regulations and find a trusted CPA to save you time and money.


We provide you with the latest and best financial information to ensure we are helping you bolster your growth and protect your margins. From accurate bookkeeping to analyzing opportunities to seize federal and state tax credits, cost capitalization issues,  compensation strategies, and any other emerging trends and frequent changes.

International Companies

We are one of the few accounting firms in the region that specialize in international taxation, helping clients with business interests and assets in the United States. Complying with U.S. law is no easy undertaking. Our tax code is one of the most complicated in the world and can be intimidating for new and seasoned business owners overseas. AB Tawil has a close relationship with Mexican business owners who need professional guidance and consulting for their company.

Contact Us for Your Business Needs

The AB Tawil team supports businesses. Whether you are in real estate, construction, or the restaurant business, our tax professionals will stand behind you and your business goals. Increase your profitability, ensure compliance, enhance cash flow, understand your margins, and more. Ready to take your success to a new level while saving time and money? Call the CPAs you trust at AB Tawil!

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