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The Economic Outlook for Small Businesses in 2022

How a Little Tax Planning Can Go a Long Way Small businesses have experienced quite the roller coasters the past few years. As if small and mid-size businesses didn’t have enough on their plate, the world nearly came to a standstill, people were told to stay home, the economy stagnated, and uncertainty permeated over everything.

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The Essential Guide to Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors in 2022

For many people, owning real estate is a vehicle to accumulate and build wealth. Whether they own two single-family units, a string of properties, or a few condos by the coast, real estate investors should consider tax planning and tax strategies as part of their arsenal for improving their returns. Investing in real estate is

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4 Benefits of Tax Planning for Your Business & How to Reduce Tax Liability

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you might not have anticipated the economic and time-consuming burden tax obligations would have on you. Without being aware, you may have foregone the benefits of careful tax planning for small businesses and missed out on significant deductions or credits. After all, you were preoccupied with growing your business,

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