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AB Tawil is a highly-reviewed local tax office offering reliable and quality tax services for businesses and individuals. From accounting and payroll to tax filing and preparation, our great team does it all. We work with small businesses across all industries as well as individual taxpayers. Our experienced CPAs and enrolled agents also speak Spanish and specialize in international taxation. 

If you are looking for effective solutions for your business, then our tax preparers have you covered. Get professional tax advice and consultations with the best financial team in the region. Outsource your financial questions to the qualified staff at AB Tawil. Check out our online ratings and reviews and learn more about what we can do for you!

Tax Preparation Services for Individuals and Businesses

Individual Tax Returns

Business Tax Returns

Trust & Gift Tax Retuns

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The Many Benefits of Working With Us

Not only do we employ a friendly and professional staff ready to assist you in every type of tax preparation, but we also specialize in complicated tax issues and small to mid-sized business tax preparation. Our bilingual CPAs, enrolled agents, and staff have a lot of experience dealing with international taxation and small businesses. The AB Tawil difference means:

  • Bilingual CPAs and Enrolled Agents — We speak both English and Spanish 
  • Specialization in international taxation — We work with overseas business owners with U.S companies. We create the structure for businesses to file their taxes accordingly to a custom-made strategy. This is done from scratch and we get the job done correctly.
  • Professional CPAs and enrolled agents with years of experience and continuing education 
  • An established accounting firm with clients across all industries

We Also Assist Clients with the Following

Calculating sales taxes for businesses operating in various states can get complicated. We’re happy to help!

For property owners—both residential and commercial—taking advantage of tax credits and deductions makes a difference. We guide property owners toward smart tax planning and preparation.

From self-employed individuals to small and medium-sized business owners, smart tax planning and documentation are essential. We help entrepreneurs and other self-employed taxpayers reduce tax liability while making the most of small business credits.

This is important for companies of all sizes. Divulging your company operations puts shareholders at ease and ensures that your company is well-run, organized, and making financial progress.

For help with a Workers Compensation audit, the tax professionals at AB Tawil will ensure a comprehensive review of financial records, payroll records, and documentation.

Helping Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Reduce Tax Liability

Regardless of your tax situation or the size of your business, our trained tax preparers help ensure your tax filing goes smoothly. Don’t let tax season get you down, call AB Tawil for help with all tax forms, tax returns, or tax issues. 

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC, you need professional tax preparation. If your company has two, fifty, or two hundred employees, you want a CPA firm that works to reduce tax liability and maximizes available credits. 

For small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises, tax filings can get complicated quickly. Tax preparation is not always cut and dry, so we want to help business owners fulfill their tax duty while reaping available benefits.

Individual Tax Returns

The tax experts at AB Tawil also assist individual taxpayers and families to prepare their tax filings for the year. Whether you are a W-2 employee or a self-employed contractor, our tax team makes tax filing easy.


You likely have plenty of questions about your specific tax situation. Let us help you with better tax preparation. In the meantime, here are a few questions we commonly see:

Today, many startups and small businesses begin as self-employed individuals. This comes with certain tax incentives and deductions not available to the W-2 employee. A few self-employment deductions can include qualified business income, mileage or vehicle expenses, retirement savings, insurance premiums, office supplies, home office expenses, and credit card or loan interest, business travel, continuing education, other startup costs, and more. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced tax experts for proper guidance with your self-employment tax preparation.

Of course! We have extensive experience working with foreign entrepreneurs and small business owners. International taxation is one of our areas of expertise, given our related experience and bilingual staff. For example, a U.S.-based LLC can have great advantages even for foreign entrepreneurs.  Filing as a business owner abroad comes with its own complex tax questions and we are here to answer them!

Running a business involves the synthesis of many different processes. The financial and tax side of it gets complicated pretty quickly. If you are just starting a business or are a new business owner, you should keep in mind a couple of things. 

  • Choose the legal structure wisely or find out if incorporation is right for your business at this stage. 
  • Writing off startup costs is a big part of tax preparation for new businesses and can provide some relief. 
  • Also, paying quarterly taxes can apply to some businesses and might be a good idea as well.  
  • As a small business, there are other taxes you are responsible for including self-employment tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and property tax.
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Talking to a qualified tax expert will lead to a stress-free tax season for you and your business. Get quality tax preparation services in English or Spanish. Approach tax preparation the right way and schedule your appointment today.

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