Tax Resolution Services

Unshackle Yourself from Tax Debt

Are you having problems with back taxes or tax debt? The tax professionals at AB Tawil understand the difficulties of dealing with the IRS. Having the IRS on your back can take a toll on your business, personal life, and even health. Connect with our friendly staff today and learn about how we can find tax resolution for you.

Our Tax Resolution Services

Don’t face the IRS on your own. We provide a wide range of tax resolution services to solve any kind of tax situation. Our services include:

Our Tax Resolution Services

Audit Representation

Dealing with the IRS is not easy. We want to stand in your defense when dealing with tax problems or back taxes. As your audit defense, we work on your behalf during an IRS or state income tax audit.

IRS Representation

You need representation to deal with the IRS. The tax professionals at AB Tawil are here to fight for you. We jump on your case and help you organize, collect documentation, etc. Our CPAs and tax experts have experience representing businesses in audit situations, office examinations, or other compliance issues. Check out our blog for more information.

Franchise Tax Board Representation

Receiving a letter from the Franchise Tax Board can be alarming. Like every state, the state of California has unique tax laws to be reckoned with. We are ready to jump to your defense and represent you when dealing with this and other tax issues.

Board of Equalization Representation

California business owners that face a Board of Equalization audit may find themselves under a lot of stress and under potential fines. California’s tax laws are demanding and non-compliance comes at a cost. We want to help you resolve this issue before it gets bigger.

Installment Agreements

The IRS and other state agencies often come to an agreement and accept a payment plan as a way to pay back debt or back taxes owed. Our tax experts help you come to the best possible agreement.

Offers in Compromise

Once you come to a payment agreement with the IRS or other tax agency, you formalize the offers in compromise and ensure the issue is going to be resolved. As your representation, we ensure that the offer is right for you.

Filling income tax return papers documents for IRS

Why You Should Choose Us

Whether you are facing an audit or have the IRS knocking on your door, the AB Tawil team is ready to fight on your behalf. 

As your tax resolution team we offer:

  • Bilingual service in English or Spanish 
  • A professional and friendly staff with years of experience dealing with the IRS
  • An accounting firm dedicated to saving our clients time and money 
  • Specialized team members in international taxation, small-to-midsize businesses, or individual tax situations

Get the Help You Need — Call AB Tawil, Today!

Don’t face the IRS alone, let AB Tawil help! Untangling tax debt or non-compliance can be a blow to your business and day-to-day operation. We want you to continue your normal life as much as possible, while we act in your defense.

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